Max Foundation Program

These sessions are designed for players who are looking for a refreshing program and approach to their technical training.
Prior technical training experience is strongly recommended. New players are encouraged to contact us regarding placement or begin in a private setting for an evaluation session.
Birth Years:
2015 through 2007


Advanced Focals Program

These sessions are ideal for advanced, confident players that can handle a high intense environment, have mastered the fundamentals and have been demonstrating a high technical level consistently at Max Futbol. Trainer pre-approval is required.  The curriculum will move quickly and players are expected to execute drills at a high, intense level. These sessions are not appropriate for brand new players to the program but they can certainly be pre-approved into them.
SPRING SPECIAL RATE : $20 per class
Birth Years: 2013 (advanced only) through high school


All classes are subject to change. Pre-Registration is required.

24-hour cancellation policy with the exception of weather-related, illness or injury reasons.
Please email info@jandjsportsbox.com to report your absence or cancel directly online.

COVID-Specific Policies

At this time, masks are not required for training (subject to change).
Indoor facility is regularly deep-cleaned and sanitized.


Group Training Policies


Max Foundations SPRING 2022 Schedule
(formerly known as Drop-Ins)

High School 2007+ 5:00pm
Birth Years 2007-2008 7:30pm

High School 2007+ 5:00pm
Birth Years 2010-2011 5:30pm
Birth Years 2013-2014 Rising Tekkers 5:30pm
Birth Years 2009-2010 6:00pm
Birth Years 2012-2013 Future Ballers 6:30-7:30pm

High School 2007+ 3:30pm
Birth Years 2012-2013 Future Ballers 5:00pm
Birth Years 2009-2010 5:30pm (no class on 3/23 or 3/30)
Birth Years 2013-2014 6:00pm (starts 3/30)
Birth Years 2010-2011 6:30pm

Birth Years 2013-2014 Rising Tekkers 5:30pm
Birth Years 2010-2011 6:00pm
Birth Years
2012-2013 Future Ballers 6:00pm
Birth Years 2009-2010 6:30pm

Birth Years 2007-2008 4:30pm


Advanced Focals

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Shooting Under Pressure
Generate effective shots and finishing in tight spaces under pressure. Largely will focus on chances coming within and just outside the 18 yard box. 

2009-2010 Birth Years - Sunday 4/24 at 5:30pm

2010-2011 Birth Years - Sunday 5/1 at 5:30pm

2011-2012 Birth Years - Monday 4/18 at 5:30pm

Attacking from Wide Positions

Focus will be on exploiting available space in order to set-up a shot, cross or decisive-pass.

2010-2011 Birth Years - Thursday 4/28 at 5:00pm

2011-2012 Birth Years - Monday 5/2 at 5:30pm

Physical Pressure On/Off the Ball

Physical and mental tools to compete against players of a larger size. Players will work on protecting the ball. Amplifying their physical ability against a bigger opponent and exploiting over-aggressive players.

2011-2012 Birth Years - Thursday 4/21 at 5:00pm

2009-2010 Birth Years - Sunday 5/15 at 5:30pm