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Small, personalized training groups

How the PODS Work

Keep your training circles small, personalized with friends, teammates, etc. Pods are closed by default - but if you are open to having other new players join of comparable age, level, please let us know! It is a great way to connect in the soccer world and meet other families and players from different high level clubs in the area.

Every player must commit to the pod duration and set schedule. Pod sessions are pre-arranged and scheduled in advance. There is no pro-rating or individual credits issued. If you cannot commit for the Fall, please check out our group training schedule - which allows for flexible scheduling over 24 hours. 


Pod Requirements for Fall 2022

  • 5 player minimum, no maximum

  • 6 session commitment

  • $25 per player per session

  • (i.e. 6 sessions = $150 total)

Please contact us today to begin to organize your pod for the Fall based on your group's availability! Email

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