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Reach. Incite. Sharpen. Excel.

NEW Tryout Prep Program

Clean up your skills. Prep your mental game. Push your conditioning and cardio.

New for Spring 2022

Get motivated, confident on and off the ball. Kick off your Spring and Tryout Season with these intense two weeks!

Sessions will be held week of 3/14 and 3/21 only - don't miss out.


$18 per class
No weekly commitment

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NO CANCELLATIONS UNDER 24 HOURS. No exceptions made. Pre-registration is required for all sessions.

We are excited to be offering the following R.I.S.E. topics this SPRING

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Mental Game & Self-Motivation
A confidence boosting session with Jorge designed to help mentally prepare your player to stay self-motivated and confident. How to prepare for an intense tryout. How to help make yourself stand-out at a tryout. 

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Movement off the Ball
Focusing on player's movement before receiving a pass and after completing a pass


Receiving/First Touch
An entire session based on the importance of receiving the ball (with pace, on the run, in the air, etc)


Circuit-based cardio and metabolic workouts aimed to improve player's endurance. 


Dribbling for Speed Under Pressure
Basic dribbling skills and drills but under immense physical and mental pressure aiming for speed and retaining control

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1v1 Defending Down the Flank
Decision-making will be reviewed. Will be run at same time as Crossing/Finishing for mock in-game scenarios
Crossing & Finishing
Will be completed under pressure and run as same time as 1v1 Defending Down the Flank


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