Train with our friends, teammates, siblings in a private pod training session! 



- 1 manager per pod who will schedule the sessions.

- There is a hard 5-6 player minimum 

If a pod loses a 5th player in the middle of the program, that spot must be filled in order for the pod to continue or the pod will be put on a temporary hold.  No exceptions will be made. 


All pod training is socially distant and non-contact until further notice. 



Pod managers will have the credits for the pod on their account that they can book directly and reschedule/cancel as needed through GloFox. 


6 Sessions: $175 per player total 

10 Sessions: $275 per player total 

12 Sessions: $300 per player total 



Sessions are all planned for outdoors.  If the weather is inclement, the pod has the choice to cancel/reschedule without penalty.


If a player is not feeling well, we will continue our policy of placing a class credit on their account that can be used toward future training sessions. We ask that all players that are feeling ill to simply stay home. 


It is up to the pod manager to find a time slot that works for the entire pod. We will not credit individual players partially if they cannot attend the new day/time. If there is a scheduling conflict and you are having trouble finding a slot that works for everyone, let us know and we will help you find one. 

Contact us at info@jandjsportsbox.com to start your pod up today!