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MAX FUTBOL is one of the northeast's most innovative soccer programs. Jorge's training style, technique and approach has grown and evolved over his 20+ years of experience as a coach/trainer. He has established one of the most highly regarded reputations in technical development in PA/NJ and has brought on a top-notch, talented, trained staff to expand our outreach and dedication to helping players exceed.


MAX FUTBOL's dedication to their players have helped them excel at the professional, collegiate, national and premier club levels since January 2016. 

To Our Prospective Players and Families

Thank you for your interest in joining MAX FUTBOL. As a part of the program, your player will be participating in the area's most elite level training.  We look forward to having you join us! 

Being a participating player at MAX Futbol is challenging and fun but does require a special type of commitment. At this high level of training, we do have certain expectations in order to make the best use of everyone's sessions. 

While we always try to stay as flexible as possible with cancellations and reschedules, this program will only do as much as you allow it to. Please do your best to stick to your training regiment and schedule, work hard and bring your best energy and attitude to the sessions. This is to ensure and maximize your time and commitment.  If you're putting the hours in to work, you deserve the results! 

We have expanded and grown quickly since our launch in January 2016 and do our best to manage our ever-growing talented player base while getting new players evaluated and placed into the appropriate groups. Most of our classes hit capacity quickly (sometimes within hours of launching registration). We frequently have running waitlists to get into the program and we thoroughly appreciate your eagerness and patience in getting into the program. We know it can take a bit of time.


After you join, we commit to you and all of our players that we will help you improve your skills, gain knowledge of the game and make the extra work and commitment well worth it on the field. 

I look forward to seeing you in a session soon!

                                                                                      Jorge Rodriguez

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