How do I know which class to register for?

Be honest about your player's technical level. We are not the same as other training companies. Many players have been training within the Max Futbol program for years. We know that you want to challenge your player but believe us... they will get MORE out of the sessions if they are appropriately placed!

For players who are confident in their technical foundations and level or have experience within our program, we recommend starting off with the Atletico classes. The trainers may make additional recommendations or suggestions of a group change as your player moves through the program.

For players that participated in our Summer 2020 Mini Camp Program...

We have created the included chart to help you navigate which classes to register for. But as always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

How do I book semi private or private group classes?

Use the Trainer feature to locate an available slot for your preferred trainer. We will then create it as a private class for your group. You will then be able to register for these directly through the system. 

What should I bring to each session?

Due to the circumstances and pandemic, we are requesting each player bring the following:

- Own ball from home

- Shin guards (optional) as training is non-contact for now

- Mask for before/after sessions

- Cleats (outdoor turf) and indoor/flats or turf-specific shoes (indoor turf area)

- Indoor turf area is reserved strictly for private and semi-private sessions now as players. 

What's the facility address?

GPS will take you right to our location at J&J Sportsbox (59 Steam Whistle Drive in Warminster).

Facility entrance is located on the back of the building, up the sidewalk

Bathroom facilities are located at the far end of the hallway.