Winter Intensive Pod Program

Pod-Style Sessions

8-10 players required

Instructions Register YOUR player only, YOUR availability, YOUR preference (indoor or outdoor training) and include a request list of players that you want to train with. Each player must be registered individually by his or her parent. 

Process Players will then be sorted based on their listed availability, preferences and divided into training groups as Jorge and the trainers see best will challenge them.


Masks are not required.

Training will be held outdoors by default.

If inclement weather or frigid temperatures, pods that are designated as open to indoor training will have the option to train inside.

If your pod is not comfortable training indoors, session will be rescheduled through the pod manager and held during our RESCHEDULED CLASSES WEEK (2.28-3.4)

Dec 6-Dec 17
Holiday Break
Jan 3 - Feb 25
Feb 28 - March 3 Rescheduled Classes Week

Registrations & Requests close on 10/31.

No exceptions will be made.

Questions can be sent via email to